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Luma Sleep - Customizable Hybrid Latex Mattresses

Award-Winning - Naturally Healthy - Latex Mattresses

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Our Customers Love Luma


"Luma has made it possible for your bed to adapt to your needs in the moment, and over the long term."

-Dr. Michael Breus

The Sleep Doctor

"Because it’s not as unwieldy as an entire mattress, this layer can be changed out if you get the Luma home and find firm isn’t for you.”

-Yahoo News

Yahoo News

"...truthfully, I had never heard of Luma Sleep until I found this website called The Mattress Underground. It’s a really cool site that doesn’t promote mattresses but helps you figure out “all about mattresses..." 

-Women’s daily

Women Daily

"Our favorite features of the Luma Sleep system review is the OKEO-TEX Certified Talalay Latex. This mattress is made with two different layers using all-natural latex."

-Citrus Sleep

Citrus Sleep

Luma goes to extremes to meet your comfort needs before and after your purchase.

Sleep Well Naturally
Natural and Organic

Luma Sleep's Mattress systems provide its customers a choice of 100% Natural Dunlop latex or Luxurious Talalay latex.

Guided by the Sleep Doctor™

The Sleep Doctor, Michael J. Breus, PhD consulted with Luma Sleep's founders on the product development for the Luma's Mattress Collections, guiding Luma to design our mattresses to address the Four Tenets  of a Great Mattress.

Your perfect sleep awaits.