Not sleeping well? Here are some tips to change that.

Are you getting enough sleep? Chances are you’re not.

We all know the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep but tend to ignore our poor sleeping patterns. Here are just a few tips that might help you improve your slumber time and your health.

1. Get into a routine so your body and brain know it’s time to sleep.
2. Let the day go – start relaxing by reading, meditation or having a nice glass of warm milk to help your brain shut out the stress of the day and helps you go into a nice sleep.
3. Exercise is a great way to improve your health and to get your body ready for sleep.
4. Have sex! It’s a wonderful way to exercise your body and mind and get you ready for a great slumber.
5. Make your environment sleep-friendly. The perfect temperature for your bedroom is 60-67 degrees.
6. Turn-off the gadgets in your bedroom. Light’s from your mobile devices, TV, etc. will make your brain think it is still daytime, making it hard to fall asleep.
7. Make sure your pajama’s are sleeping friendly or sleep in your “birthday suit.”
8. Avoid alcohol before bedtime. That glass of wine may help you fall asleep, but it will affect your sleep quality and you won’t feel like you got a good night’s sleep in the morning.
9. Help your body be ready to go to sleep by avoiding naps during the day.
10. A nice gentle massage from your partner may be exactly what is needed to help you have a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams.