What Does My Dream Mean?

What Does My Dream Mean?

Dreams are often forgotten as soon as the alarm clock rings. But sometimes, maybe immediately, maybe throughout the day, we remember bits and pieces of things from our dreams and start thinking about what it means.

Does dreaming about falling off a building really mean I’m going to plummet to my death? Does dreaming about my teeth falling out to mean I should schedule a dentist appointment?

Before you go calling the dentist, read on.

Interpreting dreams has been around since the ancient Egyptians. Ancient societies believed that dreams were a divine intervention or supernatural communication with messages that needed to be unraveled. Once interpreted, the messages gave people a better understanding of their emotions, ideas, and thoughts. This helped them to make decisions about things such as what crop to plant or how to handle a situation with a neighbor.

Nowadays, people want to interpret their dreams and get answers such as “is my boyfriend the man I’m supposed to marry” or “will I get that promotion at work”. Dreams aren’t fortune tellers, but they can give you some insight into subconscious thoughts or feelings.

What about when you dream about flying or losing teeth? Well unless you’re a pilot or a dentist, there’s probably another meaning to your dream. Listed below are some of the most typical dream themes and what they might mean.

1. Death: a big change or transformation is coming, whether for you or someone close to you
2. Teeth: having them means confidence and strength, if you are losing them or they are falling out then possibly you are fearing embarrassment or low self-confidence
3. Paralysis: you might feel powerless during the hours you’re awake
4. Flying: could mean that you are inspired or feeling freedom if you’re having trouble flying possibly your life path is blocked
5. Falling: a lack of control or insecurity in your life or feeling of failure
6. Test or exam day: shows anxiety about failing at responsibilities or difficulties in life
7. Pregnancy: interpreted as growth or positive progress towards something new
8. Sex: the partner has qualities that you want for yourself, not necessarily about sexual attraction

What's your latest dream? If you spend a little time looking at your dreams, you'll learn a lot about yourself.