What is a Hybrid Mattress?

There has been a lot of conversation around hybrid mattresses. Consumers are mainly wondering about whether this is a trend that will be sticking around and is truly beneficial or if it is just a sneaky way for the mattress industry to attract new customers. Everywhere you go you see some sort of hybrids whether it be from a hybrid car to hybrid food products and now hybrid mattresses. So what exactly does this mean for mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses are hugely popular. These mattress types could mean better prices and more comfortable for you if you know what you are looking for. Hybrid mattresses combine individually pocketed innerspring with memory foam to create the ultimate sleep experience. Hybrids allow sleepers to get the best of both worlds and enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort. Some key takeaways from the popular hybrid mattress options are that they tend to have more foam and a little less of the comfort materials than the traditional innerspring. Also, the top of the hybrid mattress is usually flatter, more like a foam mattress.

Some pros to hybrid mattresses are they provide back pain relief for 15% of owners. Hybrids are better at contouring to your body and that they have a fairly unique feel that people tend to really like. Some cons are that they are a little more costly due to their popularity and that you must do your research to ensure that you are truly purchasing a real hybrid. Since this mattress is one that many would consider a ‘fad’, there are many options out there that are not really hybrids, so make sure to find one that actually is so that you are getting what you pay for.

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