Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

What’s The Best Mattress Design For Side Sleepers?

If you’re like most people, you typically sleep on your side. In fact, according to a survey by specialty retailer Anna’s Linens in Costa Mesa, California, about 74 percent of adults are side sleepers, while 16 percent sleep on their stomachs and ten percent on their backs. (Just for the record, eight percent of Americans also say they sleep in the nude.) 

Here are the pluses… Side sleeping can reduce snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea, soothe acid reflux, and even help your major organs get a little R&R. But, as you probably already know, sleeping on your side can also result in neck, shoulder and back pain, or just a plain old tired feeling when you wake up.

More than ninety percent of Luma Sleep natural materials are adaptable

If you sleep on your side and are having trouble, the solution usually comes down to selecting the right mattress design - one that combines exceptional pressure relief at the surface and responsive support deep down.

The Physics of Sleep

The physics of sleep are really pretty simple. When you sleep on your side, more weight and pressure is on your shoulder and hip. If a mattress is too firm and unresponsive, it can lead to a numb shoulder and arm from lack of circulation and stiffness, or even pain caused by poor spinal alignment. That excess pressure and uneven support can also result in a lot of tossing and turning that disrupts the most restorative phases of sleep. Mattresses designed without the proper support for side sleeping will likely cause your muscles to be stressed and tense, and your spine to be misaligned while you sleep. 

You may be waking up feeling less than ideal, and not even know why - until now.

Exceptional Design For SIde Sleepers

Luma Sleep’s thoughtful. modern design offers support for the curve and alignment of your spine, and lets your shoulders and hips sink slightly into the bed. Mattresses with individually-wrapped pocket coils are designed to help achieve spinal alignment for side sleepers. An average open coil bed contains 400 to 500 coils. A high-quality queen size pocket coil mattress will usually contain more than 900 coils. Experts say, the more coils, the more comfortable the bed becomes. 

The Luma Mattress and Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress are designed with a 1,000-plus wrapped coil array, providing progressive support and comfort that a block of high-density upholstery foam can’t match. Unlike the blocks of foam many others use, the individually-wrapped coils in the array independently respond to your shape, keeping your entire body gently supported in every sleep position. 

Natural latex allows your body to be supported and comfortable

Luma Sleep mattresses are ideal for side and multi-position sleepers since 91% of the materials in each Luma Mattress System instantly adapt to your unique shape and sleeping position so you can enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep. And, when it comes to surface pressure relief, we only use the best material for dynamic pressure relief – natural Talalay (or Dunlop) latex foam. 

Unlike memory foam, natural latex moves with you as you settle into bed, distributing your body weight more evenly and creating a comforting cradle for your shoulders and hips. This also reduces the amount of movement needed to maintain healthy circulation.  With Luma Sleep's mattress design, no part of your body will fall asleep before you do. 

To ensure a personalized sleep experience, Luma Sleep offers three firmness choices to enhance relaxation, allowing your muscles to relax and recharge every night.

Our job at Luma Sleep is to have you Sleep Happily Ever After! 

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