How Important Are Pillows For Sleep?

How Important Are Pillows For Sleep?

Having the right pillows is not only comforting, they play a very important role in supporting the intricate structures of the head, neck, shoulders, hips, and spine. The right pillows will work with the right mattress to help keep your upper body in alignment without unnecessary pressure.

There are several pillow types that can help alleviate back or neck pain. Here are two for the bed:

Orthopedic Pillows -These pillows will offer extra neck support. The pillow has a deeper depression where the head lies and extra support under the neck.

Body Pillows -These pillows are as long as the body and work great for people who are side sleepers. The top of the pillow will support the head and neck, while the bottom portion supports the knees and legs.

Another thing to consider when choosing the right pillow are the filling materials. Here are some of the most common fillings:

Memory Foam Pillow – Made from Visco-Elastic foam. It reacts to your body’s heat and molds to your shape to help achieve a neutral spinal alignment. Memory Foam can also tend be hotter than Latex or Gel pillows.

Latex Pillows – Made from the sap of rubber trees, they are great for allergy sufferers. They are cooler than memory foam and form to fit your head and neck.

Feather Pillows – Feather and down pillows may be very comfortable, but they offer very little support for the neck and spine. Feather pillows are the warmest pillows to sleep on.

Polyester Pillows - These pillows are filled with polyester particles and can be filled to various heights and densities. Overtime they will become less resilient and offer less support.

Gel Pillows – Made from Silicon materials, it is neither a solid nor a liquid. It is used more and more for its cooling properties and its ability to offer great pressure relief.

Luma Sleep pillows are made from Talalay Latex and offers perfect support for side sleepers and back sleepers. The natural, open cell structure of the pillow allows air to flow, keeping the sleeper cool. They also provide uplifting support of the upper vertebra.

So, when you are ready to purchase new pillows as part of your sleep system, take time to do a comparison. The right pillows can definitely enhance your sleep experience!

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