How To Find Best Luxury Mattress | Luma Sleep

How To Find Best Luxury Mattress | Luma Sleep

Shopping for a luxury mattress can be really confusing. Many of the beds out there may look great, but it’s the "active materials” on inside that really matter for keeping you comfy and supported.

In fact, many online mattress brands have as little as 30% active materials. The remainder? Well, it’s just there to add altitude and is typically comprised of something called “HD Foam” or “Support Foam” which is basically the same as the super stiff material inside your sofa cushions.

The real secret to finding a great luxury mattress is to look for designs that have a high percentage of active materials on the INSIDE.  

What is the best stuff to have inside your mattress? Well, dream world has progressed a lot since you slept on granny’s squeaky guest bed.

Great feeling luxury mattresses usually have a mix of pocketed springs, memory foam, or latex foam with just a little bit of HD Foam. These designs are called “hybrid mattresses” and they’re becoming one of the most popular choices for people that demand more than a glorified sofa cushion, but don’t want to pay through the nose.

The combination of a pocketed spring support system with 2” or more of Talalay Latex or Memory foam near the surface gives you the responsive support your back and bones need along with an oh-so-comfy low-pressure sleep surface. And while All Latex or All memory foam designs can feel amazing, Hybrid Mattress designs typically offer a better value.

So, as you shop online or in stores ask about the inside of the products in your budget. If you learn that spiffy looking bed has more than 60% of generic “foam", move on! Once you’ve found a mattress with lots of quality materials inside, the choice really comes down to your individual comfort preferences. Do you like a plush or firm feel or something in between? Do you want to be “cocooned” in your bed or gently uplifted?

Many people like the cocooning, cradling feel of memory foam while others prefer the lighter, buoyant feel of Talalay Latex. While memory foam does a good job of relieving pressure, it is a closed cell foam so it traps body heat.

Many manufacturers use a gel additive to their memory foam to keep you cooler at night, while Talalay latex offers the same benefits without the extra chemicals. Because it’s a naturally based, open cell foam, Talalay is the only type of latex that breathes to keep you cool while offering awesome body-contouring pressure relief.

It’s been said that you sleep IN memory foam and you sleep ON Talalay.

Clearly, a lot of people love a thick layer of memory foam, but if you’ve tried it, and thought “meh” than a hybrid mattress with Talalay latex might be just what you’re looking for.

Is a hybrid mattress right for you?

A hybrid mattress is probably right for you if:

  • You're ready to upgrade to a luxury mattress, but don’t want to pay through the nose.
  • You bought a “mattress for everyone” online only to find out months later that you aren’t “everyone”
  • You’ve been unhappy with an all memory foam mattress.
  • You find traditional innerspring beds too bouncy.
  • That bed your Mom gave you from her guest room is killing you.
  • You really, really, really need to get the best sleep you can… there’s a team meeting at 8 am and school play this afternoon!

Sleep happily ever after!