Why Latex Mattress Sleep Better Than Memory Foam

Why Latex Mattress Sleep Better Than Memory Foam

In the mattress world, latex and memory foam mattresses are constantly being pitched as the premium materials.

Both materials mold to your body’s curves to provide proper weight distribution which in turn relieves pressure from your shoulders & hips and maintains spinal alignment. However, the two are opposites in several ways and each delivers a unique sleep experience. So, when shopping mattresses, make sure you know what the differences are between latex and memory foam so you increase the likelihood of getting a sleep system that’s right for you.

Sleep ON Latex, Sleep IN Memory Foam
Latex mattresses actively respond to your body shape and weight giving an uplifting, buoyant feel that you sleep ON. A Memory Foam mattress softens under your body’s heat and weight to mold to your shape giving you a cradling feel that you sleep IN.

Latex Breathes, Memory Foam doesn’t
A Latex mattress has an open cell structure that allows for room temperature air to flow through and take heat away from your body. Memory Foams have a closed-cell structure that limits airflow retaining body heat, even with Gel additives.

Latex Foam is foam rubber, Memory Foam is polyurethane foam 
Latex is rubber particles suspended in water; latex is whipped into a batter, poured into a mold and baked into latex foam rubber, a very durable and supportive type of foam. Memory foam is a form of polyurethane foam that is a mixture of chemicals that react, heat up and expand into a foam block of memory foam, a material that softens when warmed and relieves pressure.

Latex responds instantly, Memory foam responds slowly
Because it's a rubber based material, Latex has bounce and responds instantly to your movements as you sleep. Memory foam requires body heat and weight to change shape and slowly responds back to its original shape when the heat and weight are removed.

Latex is antibacterial, antifungal and dust mite resistant. Memory Foam is not. 
Luma Sleep uses latex because we believe the differences noted above provide the best sleep experience. If you’re looking for a great night’s sleep, then you’re going to love Luma Sleep.

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