Sleep Technology

Are Sound Machines OK for Babies?
The number one thing that parents of newborns complain about is lack of sleep. Your baby might be past the waking up to eat every few hours phase, but he may still have trouble going to sleep. Are sound machines a safe way to help your baby fall asleep?
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Sleep Technology Moves Into The Master Bedroom

From Luma Sleep - Sleep technology is moving into the bedroom to help people sleep better. The latest sleep tech products generally fall into three broad categories: apps and devices to help people fall asleep, to help people stay asleep, and to monitor their sleep cycle. See which may help you.

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Blue Light and Sleep
How to manage blue-light exposure to protect sleep and health When I’m trying to live my best, healthiest life—and most of us are—I pay daily attention to how I’m treating my body. I watch the food I’m eating, and the...
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