Don't Let Mattress Shopping Be Like a Bad Dream

We deliver simplicity, integrity and quality.

Luma Sleep was founded by three veterans of the US mattress industry. Over the years, we learned a lot about the importance of a good night’s sleep, what it takes to design and build a top-quality mattress, and how important your mattress is to your overall health and well-being. We also learned how needlessly complicated, frustrating and expensive it is to buy a mattress at a retail store. We tried to make positive changes from the inside, but discovered it was almost impossible to steer the industry in a new direction on our own. So, we moved on to other ventures and other industries, but always stayed in touch.

Then a few years ago the mattress world started to change. New, on-line only brands emerged promising transparency, simplicity, and quality. “Hurray!“ we said, someone in slumber-land is finally trying to put the customer first. We thought the days of misleading claims, confusing product choices, and bait and switch tactics would come to an end. Naturally, as former mattress-geeks, we had to look closer.

We soon discovered that almost all of these mattress industry “disruptors” were selling very similar one-size-fits-all, foam on foam designs at prices 50% more than similar beds at CostCo or Sam’s Club! And, as the competition has increased, many online mattress brands have begun to take quality ingredients out, while pushing prices up and bringing back confusing product specs. Immediately, we saw a need and an opportunity…

We started Luma Sleep because we see internet shopping is an easier, more practical way for us to help a lot of people get a great night’s sleep. We know a lot about what the mattress industry does well, and perhaps more importantly, what it doesn’t. As a team, we’ve designed some great products for some well- known bedding brands. We know that to make a great mattress you have to have a lot of great stuff inside, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Looking at the companies who have jumped into the online mattress marketplace prompted us to ask three basic questions:

1. Why can’t on-line mattress shoppers have individualized comfort choices?
2. What’s wrong with providing honest and straightforward product information?
3. Why do you have to spend a lot of money and then get stuck with a mattress that isn’t what you really want or need after only a few years?

So, we got back in touch with some of the folks we used to work with, like material manufacturers and sleep science experts to create Luma Sleep, a bedding company dedicated to transforming the mattress ownership experience.

Luma's Three Guiding Principles

1. A great mattress should be able to adapt your uniqueness and to changes in your life.

2. Mattresses should only be made with healthy, high quality, responsive materials.

3. Our products will be easy to understand and easy to compare to others so you know you are getting a great value.

A few months ago, we re-connected with America’s foremost “Sleep Doctor”, Dr. Michael J. Breus, for his advice. We discovered that Dr. B’s Four Factors of Great Mattress Design, are almost perfectly incorporated into our mattress designs. Each Luma Sleep model offers the balanced pressure relief, spinal support, temperature moderation and limited motion transfer that defines an optimally healthy, great feeling mattress. We achieve this in a very simple way: by using only the best bedding components – Talalay Latex Foam, individually wrapped pocket coil support systems, and natural, breathable luxury fabrics.

Balanced Pressure
Balanced Pressure
Spinal Support
Spinal Support
Temperature Moderation
Temperature Moderation
Limited Motion
Limited Motion

"Luma has made it possible for your bed to adapt to your needs in the moment, and over the long term."

Dr. Michael J. Breus

And because we know a 115 pound ball room dancer has different needs than a 300 pound linebacker, each of our mattress models can be personalized to individual preferences. We understand that figuring out your comfort preference takes time (definitely a lot more than 5 minutes at a store). Luma’s two layer Slumber Systems transform your bed by swapping out the top comfort layer for a plusher or firmer version. If you discover your Slumber System doesn’t feel “just right” during the first year of ownership, you can exchange it for a plusher or firmer for FREE! Better still, if your needs or preferences change a few years down the road, you can easily transform the feel of your bed for much less than purchasing a new mattress.

It’s all part of our commitment to putting the quality of your sleep first. We’ve designed both our products and our company to make you completely comfortable before, during, and after purchase. Our goal is simple; we want you to sleep happily ever after…

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15 year warranty
100% made in the USA