Baby sleep. For you and the baby.

During pregnancy, your sleep and comfort preferences keep changing. At Luma Sleep, we understand this better than anyone else.
That's why we've devised the best mattress for pregnant mothers. So you can snuggle into your bed, every night.

Luma Sleep's two-layer mattress system is a unique arrangement of a luxury latex and coil mattress with an exchangeable pillow top layer.
It's the perfect mix of science and mechanics that offers your body and your baby the ideal rest and restoration. And for you, a perfect night's sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does this improve my sleep?

Sometimes, a mattress may feel too soft, and sometimes, it may feel too firm. With Luma Sleep's two-layer Mattress System, you can choose a mattress that suits your comfort preferences to enjoy a great night's sleep, every night. If your needs change, you can change your mattress comfort by switching the top layer of the mattress. And, the comfort exchange is free!

What are the two layers?

The top layer is the comfort layer. This layer is exchangeable and comes in different comfort levels ranging from extra firm to soft.
The bottom layer is the base mattress. It provides the framework to properly support your body in every sleeping position.

How do I check which mattress is best for me?

You can take our comfort guide listed on each mattress product page. That should help you decide the comfort firmness you are likely to enjoy.
Also, we provide you a 100-day free in-home trial to make sure the mattress you ordered is perfect for you.

What do I do if I'm not comfortable with the mattress I ordered?

No worries. If the firmness you chose is not the ideal feel after you have slept on it for a few weeks, Luma Sleep will work with you to get you a comfort layer that is more suitable for your needs.
Also, we ask is that you to return your original comfort layer within a few weeks after you've received a replacement.
We're considerate that way.

Customer Testimonials

"We have never slept so well! I even had to wake my husband up which has never happened in our 33 years of marriage. The foundation was easy to put together. At first, I thought the foundation was low to the ground, but once the mattress was placed in the foundation the height of our bed was perfect. Wished we would of purchased our lumasleep mattress sooner!!"

Doonna Wolfe

23 Feb 2019

"They really worked with us to ensure delivery on a certain day as we were moving into a new home across country and needed our beds on arrival (not before or after). And we love the mattresses and the adjustable frame! Wish we hadn't waited until we moved to get them!"

Sheryl Longin

6 Jun 2018

"I found Luma Sleep online on a web search and they looked like they had comfortable beds. We bought a Hybrid Slumber System through them, which seemed like the best choice for us. It would've been nice though to try it before buying. But with the online delivery, there's not really a way to do that. So, that's okay and I like it better than our old bed. I'd recommend Luma Sleep."


17 FEB 2018

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