A good night's sleep. Now on your side.

We know that side sleepers' firmness preferences change often. Choosing the correct mattress
is important because it aligns the spine, shoulders and pelvis, which helps minimize pressure points in the neck and lower back and offers a good night's sleep.

Luma Sleep's two-layer system - the best mattress for side sleepers, is a unique arrangement of a bed base, an exchangeable top layer, two pillows and a mattress protector. It's the perfect mix of science and mechanics that offers your body the perfect rest. And you, the perfect sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does this improve my sleep?

Side sleepers have changing firmness preferences and it's important that they choose the right mattress to sleep comfortably. With Luma Sleep's two-layer Slumber System, you can choose a mattress that fits your sleep needs and enjoy a good night's sleep, every day. That too, just by switching the top layer of the mattress.

What are the two layers?

The top layer is the comfort layer. This layer is interchangeable and comes in different comfort levels ranging from extra firm to soft.
The bottom layer is the foundation. It provides the framework to support your body.

How do I check which mattress is best for me?

You can take our comfort quiz on every product page. That should tell you what firmness you are likely to enjoy.
Also, you can avail our 100-day free trial to check if the mattress you ordered is perfect for you.

What do I do if I'm not too comfortable with the mattress I ordered?

No worries. If the firmness you chose not feel ideal after you have slept on it for a few weeks, we will work with you and get you the correct comfort layer that is suitable for your needs.
Also, we ask you to return your original comfort layer only after you've received a replacement. We're considerate that way.

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Customer Testimonials

"No longer do I wake up with one of my arms numb as I am a side sleeper, and my one shoulder with cartilage damage doesn't have any pain to sleep on (plush version of the Hybrid mattress). Base went together with no problems and the bed is definitely comfortable, so I have only good things to say about the first-time experience of buying a bed set-up online. "


"So very happy I found Luma! It's been one month since I received my new mattress, and I have absolutely no complains! It's very comfortable, provides great support, has a nice bounce to it, does not sleep hot. Customer service and return policy are just excellent. Love it!"

Jane V

"I was a little pessimistic when a fairly small box containing my king sized mattress was delivered to my front door! Although after removing the shipping wrap, it came to life to my amazement! I love my mattress and I will never separate from it!"


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