Better by Design

Naturally responsive, supportive and breathable

We design our beds differently than most of the “bed in a box” mattresses you’ll find online for one simple reason: everybody is different. If someone told you that they’d designed a pair of jeans so perfect anybody could wear them regardless of their size or shape, would you believe them? Not so much? So why do so many online mattress brands claim just that? Casper, Tuft & Needle, Nectar, and many others make this claim!

Luma combines the naturally responsive, breathable comfort of Latex foam with the advanced support of either individually wrapped pocket coils or American-made Dunlop Latex.  Luma's customizable, upgradable designs allow you to build a bed that’s perfect for you. No fluff, no fillers, no BS.

With Luma, over 90% of the materials inside are adapting to your body shape and movements so you stay comfortably supported.

Talalay Latex, the champagne of foam

Comparing Talalay Latex to other foams is like comparing champagne to malt liquor. Talalay is made using a complex process in small, bed-size molds that yield a lighter, more buoyant and luxurious product. Compared to the dense, sinking feeling of memory foam or the stadium cushion feel of polyurethane foam, Talalay offers a gently supportive, uplifting feel that's perfect for deep sleep. It’s the preferred “secret ingredient” in the top layers of all of our mattresses and is what makes them feel so amazing. 

Natural Dunlop Latex, an ideal balance of comfort and support

100%  Natural Latex made with the Dunlop process provides an amazing balance of comfort and support. Denser than Talalay, Dunlop latex is used for both base support as well as comfort layers.  Both Dunlop and Talalay latex are made in differing firmnesses providing a wide range of luxurious feeling choices. Dunlop latex has less bounce but more support than Talalay at softer firmnesses. The 100% natural latex is preferred by consumers looking for a more organic alternative.  



Made with the sap of trees, not fracking.

Natural Latex is harvested from Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees; tapping liquid latex is a similar process to getting sap from maple trees for maple syrup. The unique molecular structure of latex is the building block that makes it naturally breathable, resilient and responsive. Mattress experts have long known that these unique characteristics make latex the ideal material for bed-making, particularly in the top layers closest to your body.

Uplifting Comfort

The top layer of Luma mattresses is exclusively latex to give them an uplifting feeling in addition to body-conforming comfort. Memory foams soften for comfort but provide no meaningful support. Molded latex foam has a naturally buoyant cell structure instantaneously conforms to your body to deliver amazing comfort and pressure relief.  At Luma, we say you sleep on latex, you sleep in memory foams. 

Natural Latex Hybrid

Responsive Natural Latex Foam

Typical "Bed in a Box"

Memoty Foam

Naturally Cool

Latex has an open cell structure that allows air to circulate, wicking away excess heat and moisture. Studies show that excess heat can disrupt a healthy sleep cycle. Memory foams and polyurethane foams – even the ones with “cooling gel” additives – are closed-cell, that soften and reflect your body heat in order to conform to your body. The lower ILDs of latex used in top mattress layers allow for better airflow, enabling the mattress to breathe and dissipate heat. Talalay latex has exceptional breathability. 

Natural Latex Hybrid

Breathable Natural Latex

Typical "Bed in a Box"

memory foam trapping heat

Progressive, Active Support

Latex adapts instantly and gently to your every movement throughout the night to keep your spine aligned and your muscles relaxed. But just like you, latex needs a strong support system. Luma Sleep pairs the light and fluffy latex comfort layers with a progressively supportive base mattress system using either individually wrapped pocket coils or an American-made Dunlop latex core. Both of these support systems actively respond to the weight and sleeping position of your body to relax your muscles and provide proper spinal alignment regardless of your sleeping position. 

Natural Latex Hybrid

exchangable latex pillow top

Typical "Bed in a Box"

memory foam responsiveness

Built to order in the City of Angels

Every mattress we sell is crafted to your preferences just outside Los Angeles, CA. But we also know it’s a bit uncertain to order a bed without feeling it, so we created a Comfort Guide to help you decide. Keep in mind that our mattress systems offer you the ability to choose your comfort along with a full year to make a FREE comfort layer exchange if you find that your original choice is not what your body desires.

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  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA