Pillow Top Comfort Exchanges

  • 100 night risk-free trial
  • Free In-Home White Glove Delivery
  • Free Comfort Exchange
  • 15 year warranty

We go to extremes to make you comfortable.

At Luma Sleep, we take your comfort very seriously. We believe your mattress comfort is not something you should have to compromise, so we go to extremes to make sure you’re satisfied with your Luma mattress. We design our mattresses with choices of comfort and build them with advanced, adaptive materials. We unconditionally guarantee that the Luma Sleep™ mattress you purchase will deliver the comfort level you want and need or you can return it within the first 100 nights, no questions asked. If you purchased a mattress system with a separate Pillow Top Layer, you can exchange it for a plusher or firmer version, for free, for up to one (1) full year from the date of purchase. We think this is a lot easier way for you to customize your mattress to meet your needs than embarking on a lengthy return process and another uncertain bed-buying journey.

Luma's Natural Latex Hybrid mattress and Slumber Systems feature a separate Pillow Top layer that you can exchange for Free in the first year. The latex Luma uses inside the Pillow Top is made in differing levels of firmness. If you decide that the firmness of the mattress you selected at the time of purchase is either too plush or too firm, contact Luma and we will ship you a replacement pillow top insert of different firmness. There is no cost to you for your first exchange.  And, if your comfort preferences change down the road, you can easily exchange the comfort layer and transform the feel of your bed for a fraction of the cost of buying a new mattress.

LUMA highly recommends waiting a few weeks before initiating an exchange as it may take a little time for your body to become acclimated to the unique support and feel of a latex foam mattress. After getting used to your new bed, if you still feel the comfort is either softer or firmer than you had in mind, contact Luma and we will help you make an exchange. As this is an exchange, we may require that you return your current pillow top insert for recycling; Luma will provide you with packaging materials and a return shipping label.

To initiate a Comfort Exchange, submit the exchange request form below.  Note that if you choose to return your Luma Mattress system for a refund after making a Comfort Exchange, your refund will be reduced by $100 to offset the shipping costs from your Comfort Exchange.

Please call us at 800.982.9846 if you have questions. A comfort exchange is FREE in the first year. Additional Comfort Exchanges may require shipping costs. The Luma Mattress is not exchangeable.