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Mattress-speak driving you crazy? Translate confusion into cozy-comfort with our Firmness Guide™

It’s hard to choose a new mattress when you can’t actually feel it. And the jargon that mattress companies use to describe how a bed feels makes things even more confusing, particularly if you’re shopping on-line.

To help you figure out what firmness feel is right for you, we’ve created a handy web quiz that will auto-calculate the comfort level you’re likely to love... even if you buy a new mattress from someone else.

Understanding Firmness

"Firmness" describes the the amount of resistance you feel when lying on a bed. But be careful, firmer does not equal better.

Firmness designations such as plush, comfort firm, or extra firm describe the tactile change you sense when lying down on a mattress. These terms are subjective and are used differently by different mattress companies. In general, “plush” refers to a mattress that has a soft feeling surface that easily yields when you lay down. At the opposite extreme, “extra firm” which is pretty close to sleeping on the floor!

The tricky part are all of the designations in between. What the heck is “cushion firm” ? Unfortunately, the only way to be sure is to try to experience the product before you purchase. Or, you can choose a product that allows you to customize the firmness feel of your new bed at home. Which of course is why we created our simple, two layer Slumber Systems. We think it’s a smarter and easier way to create your perfect bed.

Plush beds are supportive, too!

Many people assume that a “firm” bed is more supportive. A famous brand once had a best selling product called “Granite” which doesn’t exactly sound comfy!

The truth is that the firmness feel of a mattress is determined by the density and type of materials in the top layers. These layers are typically made of a foam that destitutes surface pressure while just below, a support material made of denser foam or coil spring system. The softer, top foam layers make you comfortable, while the lower components give provide body conforming support. We use Talalay in our top layers because it has the broadest array of firmness feels.

In a well designed mattress, the firmness preference has little or no impact on how supportive the entire system is. So if you enjoy a bed that feels like diving into a fluffy cloud, go for it! Just make sure there’s a quality support system below.

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