Techies Behind The Comfy | Luma Sleep

The techies behind the comfy.

With 20+ years of mattress building experience we are confessed bed geeks. We know how to source the best responsive materials and how to craft great beds. We’ve combined that knowledge with the scientific expertise of Dr. Michael Breus (aka “the sleep doctor”). Through his clinical practice and research, Dr. Breus has identified the four factors that make a better, healthier bed. The result of that collaboration is a range of customizable mattresses that neutralize pressure, keep your back supported, eliminate the bouncy-bouncy if your bed partner is restless, and naturally maintains the ideal temperature for sleep. And unlike most of the bed in box guys, we tell you exactly what’s inside every bed we make. No hype, no mystery foams or fake reviews. Just deep, healthy, breathable comfort that’s made just for you.