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27-Dec-2016 names Luma one of the best

“Originally, bed-in-a-box companies came along to simplify consumers’ lives. They offered free trials, mattresses with one firmness, and comparatively low prices. As more and more companies started popping up, things became more confusing. Some let you try their mattresses for 100 days, others for 120. You can find mattresses that only give you one firmness option, while others can be tailored to your size, shape, and individual sleeping habits. ”


Unlike Casper, Luma Lets You Customize the Feel of Your Mattress

“....sleep satisfaction looks like it’s going to take yet another step forward with the Luma Slumber System. Not only can you specify firmness levels, you can change your mind afterwards — without having to send the whole mattress back.”


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“LumaSleep has launched the Luma Slumber System, a customizable luxury mattress sold exclusively online. The two-part mattress features an interchangeable Talalay Latex comfort layer available in different firmness options and a separate support layer of pocketed coils and memory foam. This design, along with a free, one year comfort exchange program, makes it easy for customers to adapt the firmness of their mattress to fit changes in their lifestyles at anytime.”

21-Jan-2016  Yahoo News

Luma’s twist to online mattresses: Letting you swap out the topper for more or less firmness

“The Luma Slumber System comes in two parts, but it’s not like a box spring and mattress. The first part makes up the bulk of the mattress and consists of wrapped coils, an inch of memory foam, and three inches of latex. The thinner second piece is made exclusively of latex, and this “comfort layer” comes in different levels of firmness. Because it’s not as unwieldy as an entire mattress, this layer can be changed out if you get the Luma home and find firm isn’t for you.”

20-Jan-2016  GearPatrol

LumaSleep Mattress

“Now instead of shelling out for a hulking mattress with a control panel, you can simply add and remove layers to adjust the firmness and cushioning of your mattress.”

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