The Science Behind Our Mattresses

When we set out to design our products, we wanted to create beds that are as healthy as they are comfy. So, it only made sense to seek out advice from one of the world’s foremost, board certified sleep doctors, Dr. Michael J. Breus.

The Four Factors That Make a Great Mattress

Balanced Pressure
Balanced Pressure
Spinal Support
Spinal Support
Temperature Moderation
Temperature Moderation
Limited Motion
Limited Motion

Over the years, Dr. Breus realized that one of the most frequent questions his patients asked was, “what bed should I buy?” While there are some great mattresses out there, constant changes in names, prices and specifications made it impossible for him to recommend any one model. Based on his clinical practice and his own research, he identified the four factors of mattress design that are critical to better sleep. With this knowledge, his patients and friends could ask the right questions, and find the right bed for their individual needs.

About Dr. Michael J. Breus

* American Board of Sleep Medicine ** American Board of Psychology

Incorporating Dr. Breus' Four Factors

1. Balanced Pressure

2. Spinal Support

3. Temperature Neutrality

4. Limited Motion Transfer

With Luma Sleep, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Combining our 15 plus years of designing great beds with Doctor Breus’ expertise, Luma Sleep has created some of the highest performing and best feeling mattresses you’ll find anywhere. When you compare the quality and quantity of the ingredients used in Luma’s mattress systems with others, you will find that they offer both luxurious comfort, and a great value.

If there’s one thing the old-line bedding brands are right about, it’s that an investment in a quality mattress has a huge impact on your quality of life. Even if you don’t put your trust in us, we hope you’ll take the good doctor’s teachings and apply them to finding a bed that improves your sleep health.

“The Luma team has translated rigorous scientific research into mattress designs that are truly healthier.”

Dr. Michael J. Breus
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