Two layers, twice the flexibility


Why hassle with returning a new mattress when you can customize the firmness of your bed at home?

It’s hard to tell if a mattress feels right by testing it for a few minutes in a store, and certainly not by pointing and clicking. Even a mattress made for a queen can take a little getting used to. That’s why we created our two-layer Slumber Systems. This unique design lets you transform the firmness of your mattress when you buy it, or anytime down the road.

If you discover your new Luma Slumber System feels a bit soft or firm, simply exchange the Talalay Latex Comfort Layer FOR FREE*. We’ll send you nice little box with a new Talalay insert. A quick zip-zip of the Tencel fabric cover and you’ve got a totally rebooted mattress.

*One free exchange within one year of purchase

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We take the pressure out of buying - and sleeping - on a new mattress.

Plush, firm, comfort-firm, semi plush... what the heck does all that mean? How are you supposed to pick a firmness, especially since you can’t truly experience a mattress until you’ve slept on it in your home? Our interchangeable comfort layers take the pressure off choosing a firmness, and the Talalay Latex we put inside them literally takes the pressure off your body.

Every Luma features Talalay Latex, the world’s best, natural pressure relieving material. Talalay has a gentle, uplifting feel that other foams simply can’t match. By combining Luma’s flexible, two layer design with Talalay’s range of available firmnesses, we’re able to create a mattress system that’s been crafted just for you. It’s why we like to say “With Luma, you’ll never wake up in the wrong bed!”

Latex Hybrid Slumber System

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All Latex Slumber System

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15 year warranty
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