Uplifting, adaptable, comfort

Uplifting, adaptable, comfort

Disappointed with the sinking feel of that bed-in-a-box? Shocked by retail mattress prices? Scared you might get stuck with the wrong bed? Then you might just love Luma.

You can’t tell if a mattress is right for you by lying down in a store, and certainly not by pointing and clicking. When you buy a new mattress, you’re likely to live with it for about a decade, but how do you choose? What do you do if you get a new mattress and you discover months later, it’s not quite right? Our two-piece Slumber Systems are built to order so you never get stuck in the wrong bed.

Interchangeable Talalay Latex layer for customize-anytime comfort.
Free comfort layer exchange in the first year.
Deeply supportive, base mattress feature pocket coils or Dunlop latex.
No cheap foams, fillers or mystery ingredients.

The better bed in a box

There's nothing complicated about our bed designs - we just use the best components from top to bottom. Most of the bed-in-box mattresses you'll find online have a few inches of memory foam on top of a thick slab of upholstery foam. These beds can feel pretty good at first, especially if you've just gotten rid of a worn out old mattress. But after a few months, usually when its too late to return it, you'll start to notice the lack of deep, supportive comfort.

The Four Factors That Make a Great Mattress


Balanced Pressure
Spinal Support
Spinal Support
Temperature Moderation
Temperature Moderation
Limited Motion
Limited Motion

Every Luma Mattress™ and Slumber System has been designed and crafted to meet the sleep Doctor’s four factors of great mattress design: Balanced Pressure - support for your back, relief for your shoulders; Spinal Support - progressive support systems that keep your spine aligned; Temperature Neutrality - naturally breathable and Talalay latex and tercel fabric; Limited Motion Transfer - pocket coils that reduce the bounce from a restless bed partner

Premium, Made in USA Ingredients

Talalay Latex

Dunlop Latex

Wrapped Spring Array

Tencel Fabric Covers 

Healthy and Sustainable

Every ingredient used in Luma’s products is exceptionally comfortable, supportive and sustainable.

Our Latex and our fabrics are made with sustainable materials using environmentally responsible, energy efficient processes. Our wrapped spring support units are made from a blend of certified recycled American steel. All meet or exceed California’s stringent health codes as well as internationally recognized health and quality standards.

Standard 100
Certified ISO 9001:2015
Talalay Global
eco Institut
Mattress Recycling Council