Sweet Dreams Hybrid Topper

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Fix your bed-in-a-box mattress with a unique blend of 100% Natural Latex and Serene Foam Learn More

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Fix your Firm Mattress and extend it's useful life

Luma Sleep's innovative Hybrid Topper is ideal for anyone who needs to "fix" their old mattress or new bed-in-a-box. One side of this topper has 100% Natural Latex, the other side Serene Foam, an open-cell ultra-comforting material made by Carpenter. This two-sided topper is made for you to choose the side that suits you best. The entire topper in encased in a luxurious Tencel zippered cover that is enfused with Thermo+, a wax-based material that helps cools you when you are warm and warms you when you are cold. A true heavenly solution for a mattress with a comfort problem!


  • 3" two-sided luxury mattress topper
  • Side A has 1.5" of Natural Latex
  • Side B has 1.5" of open-cell Serene Foam
  • Sleep on the floating support of Latex or the supple comfort of Serene Foam
  • A year-round uber-comfortable topper that quickly wicks away moisture and provides soothing pressure relief.
  • Luxurious Tencel cover with Thermo+ temperature regulation
  • Cools when you're hot and warms when you're cold


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  • Free Shipping
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Made in California, USA
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